Life goes on

Sometimes you regret letting certain people into your life. The harm has already been done. All you can do is learn a lesson from it and move on. Life is too short to spend it on regrets. Life goes on. Gloria Lamisi

Narcissistic Abuse does not have to be a life sentence. It may seem like it at first because the pain is so intense that we cannot remember a time when we did not hurt, but life goes on. There is life after life with a narcissist. Maybe it will never be the life that we had before. We are not the same person anymore. We have been changed. However, I truly believe that the change is one for the better. It certainly was in my case. I am more confident now than I have ever been and after going through hell and wanting to die, I now want to live my life to the full.

For those of you who are still deeply affected by it, it might seem as if I am minimising the abuse but -believe me -I am not. Narcissistic Abuse is one of the worst things that I have had to experience in my 52 years of life. It is a soul destroyer.

Nonetheless, we can recover from it. What choice do we have?

I truly believed in the” happily ever after”. I found the excruciatingly hard way that I was wrong. I did not want to live “miserably ever after” though. So, I picked up myself from the bottom of the dark pit that I was in and slowly crawled my way to the top. Sometimes I would fall back down, but I kept going and eventually I was able to see a glimpse of light, a glimpse of hope. I am stubborn, maybe that helped. I did not want him to think that he was so “powerful” that he could dictate the rest of my life.

Our journeys will all be different. Some will take longer than others. Some will find solace in taking their abuser to court, some will find solace in talking about it, some will find solace in NOT talking about it.  We are all different and we have to undertake our own journey the way we can. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to recovering from Narcissistic Abuse. We must do whatever it takes.

One thing is sure though, we can only find solace by distancing ourselves from the narcissist, whether physically or emotionally. Easy to say, you might tell me, but not so easy to do, especially when you have children with the narcissist, or they are a relative. Just remember that it can be done.

Life goes on. Let’s make the most of it!


  1. Very true, I just broke free from my narcissist spouse but we have 3 boys together and trust me it is extremely difficult to make him stay away. He is using everything in his power to keep me from moving on. But this time I am so focused moving forward is all I attend to do, and yes true me there is life after life with an narcissist.

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    • It is hard to untangle ourselves from a narcissist and I admire your courage. It needs strength and resolve but you can do it. My heart is with you and I wish you all the best. Don’t look back, keep moving forward. XX


  2. I left a narcissist in my life behind. I’ve made it a month without speaking to them and after years of discards from this friend, they’re still on my mind too often, but the pain is nearly gone. I never thought that would be possible.

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