How the Narc stole Christmas

Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas. Peg Bracken

Christmas and other festivals are always difficult times for those who are involved with people with Narcissitic Personnality Disorder and one of the worst memories of my relationship with him was Christmas 2015. He texted his ex-girlfriend first thing in the morning, ignored me most of the day and kicked me out the following morning after one of his narcissitic rage outburts. He then dished out the silent treatment for the following two days. I spent Christmas alone in my house, crying a sea of tears and desperatly trying to contact him because I did not understand what had caused him to react in such a manner . He obviously ignored all my texts and refused to answer all my calls.

Here is my story, Dr Seuss Style…

The Grinch and the Narc are very much alike

They both know exactly the right moment to strike

To ruin the feasting, the pleasure and the fun

Even long before they’ve actually begun

The Narc hates birthdays and he abhors Christmas

That is when he becomes especially vicious

If you ask me why, I will tell you the reason

That is because to him, it feels like a treason

He is not the focus of the day nor the hero of the play

That is something the Narc cannot indeed obey

Christmas means family, intimacy and generosity

And to the Narc this is truly an unpalatable recipe

Let me tell you the tale of a Christmas with him

A story that is particularly grim

He had promised me a Christmas Day

Spent in the Catalan way

With Caga Tio, gifts and special food for lunch

What I got instead, was delivered like a punch

It started with a hefty dosage of triangulation

Followed by a heavy measure of calumniation

Then came the rage and the silent treatment

Do I need to say I did not get a present?

He then sent me packing

From the flat I was paying

I did not know why he had told me to leave

And therefore cried so much, it is hard to conceive

That Christmas was frankly absolutely awful

I cannot remember an occasion more painful

This year the Narc is gone at last

He now belongs to the past

Christmas will be a time of love, joy and laughter

For the years to come and forever after…


  1. So happy you were able to leave such a hurtful situation. No one deserves such treatment, especially around the holidays. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas free from pain and full of love and happiness, my friend! 💕

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  2. I hope you enjoyed this Christmas. After a few ruined Christmases I was eventually ready for him. I warned him there would be consequences if he ever ruined another Christmas or birthday. I vividly remember him ditching me on Christmas Eve going to bed, leaving me to do everything. I can’t believe he kicked you out. They have a field day at Christmas don’t they? The children and I learned to text him if he ignored us, even if he were in the same room. It often snapped him out of it. If they are going to sit on their phones all day I learned we can text to.

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    • This narcissist free Christmas went very well . I am sure he was busy ruining someone else’s Christmas, unless he is in the love bombing stage. Fortunately it is not my concern anymore. It was good to catch up with my family and have a stress free time. I hope you had a good Christmas too. XX


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