Busy bee

The busy bee has no time for sorrow. William Blake

I have been a very busy bee recently buzzing around trying to get everything done in my professional and personal life.

Regarding my job, it is nearly the end of the academic year, so there is a lot of paperwork to be completed by teachers regarding students’ achievements and progression. Furthermore, due to the restructuring of my department, I needed to apply for my job again. It took me a long time to write the job application but at least I was selected for an interview which I attended last Thursday after work. I will know on Monday if I have been successful in securing the post. Fingers crossed.

I have been teaching French almost every evening for an agency, so I get home quite late. I enjoy the lessons with my students, but I don’t get paid a lot per lesson, so I finally got around to starting my website Learn French with Pascale to advertise my services. So far, I have written three posts about learning French. I would like to write more but it is hard to find the time. I also need to get some business cards printed, so that I can give them to potential students. That’s on my to-do list amongst a lot of other things.

I also started doing some study for my Personal Performance Coaching Diploma. Since I enrolled on the course a month ago, I had not been able to do much studying. I cancelled my dragon boat training this morning in order to do this, but I needed to submit evidence of module completion this weekend before booking a live training day which I will attend in July.

Although I cancelled training this morning and last Saturday, I am still enjoying dragon boat training. Our ladies team is now first in the national league, so we are all very pleased and proud of ourselves. Next Saturday we have another day of racing and we will try to keep our position at the top, so I will need to train on Tuesday evening.

I have also started to do a bit of exercise every day. Not a lot. 20 minutes on the indoor bike and a few weight training exercises. I want to be fit for the dragon-boat races and this might help with my sleep as I am unfortunately still struggling with my insomnia.

On top of this, I am also trying to make time to see my friends and family. When I was with him I stopped going out to parties as I was always mentally and physically exhausted and he would create some sort of drama to ensure that I would not feel like going. I went to the pub with my daughter and son on Thursday evening, went to visit a friend last night, tonight I am going to one of my colleagues’ party and tomorrow morning I am going for a long walk with another friend.

Next week is going to be another busy week but I like that. When I compare to where I was a year ago, it is amazing how far I have travelled in my healing journey. Last year in June I had just been hoovered by my narcissist ex-partner and I was back in the mayhem. It felt good to have him back at first as we were in the idealisation part of the Narcissistic Abuse cycle, but he was soon to start playing his malicious games with me again until I finally decided to go No Contact two months ago.

Well this is all behind me now, so it is best not to revisit the past and dwell on what happened. Instead I need to focus on the future and all the things that I want to achieve. And there are many, many things that I want!

In the meantime, I am keeping myself busy so I do not have time to ruminate.

Well that is all I have got time for today. I have a party to go to!

Busy, busy, busy…


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