WNAAD 2018

Tomorrow is World Narcissist Abuse Awareness Day. Below I copied some information from their website. The more people know about narcissistic abuse, the easier it will be to recognise it and stop it. I had no idea that I was being abused which is why I stayed in my relationship for so long. Covert narcissists are  experts at inflicting serious emotional and psychological injuries while remaining innocent. When our wounds are invisible, it is very hard to prove that they exist. Yet the pain that we feel is immense. I can honestly say that never in my life had I experienced such a level of pain. Ans I sincerely hope that I will never again. Please read the information below. Share it. Spread the word.

Unlike physical abuse, narcissistic abuse leaves no physical marks. A form of psychological and emotional abuse, it is invisible and difficult to prove. Yet, its effects are lasting and harmful. One of the reasons why emotional abuse goes unnoticed is there aren’t any laws prohibiting mind games, browbeating, or name calling. Even though, bruises and broken bones heal much faster than a broken spirit. Narcissistic Abuse can cause mental, cognitive and physical health issues for victims, which can last for years after they escape an abusive relationship. Many victims develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or complex PTSD and the road to recovery is long and difficult.

According to studies between 1% and 6% of the population suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. This statistic doesn’t include the other cluster B disorders. Psychologist, Martha Stout, says that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths, the equivalent of Antisocial personality disorder. If we use a conservative estimate of 4% and apply Sandra L. Brown’s (2010) estimates that each of these individuals will have relationships with approximately five partners across their lifetimes, the impact of this abuse is huge. Sandra Brown estimates 80.8 million people are affected in the US, a number which does not include the children of narcissists. In Australia, a startling one in four women experiences emotional abuse by their partner. And it pays to bear in mind that the narcissist or sociopath isn’t always a significant other, they could be a parent, child, friend or co-worker. Trying to calculate that number is near impossible, though undeniably huge. Yet there is no campaign, funding, or education specifically focused on the effects of narcissistic abuse or public pathology education.

The only way to end narcissistic abuse, is to start by raising awareness and educate people about what it is, the warning signs, and how to avoid pathological people. Arming people with this knowledge is critical since those who tend to inflict narcissistic abuse, most notably people diagnosed with a cluster B personality disorder such as; Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality and psychopathy, have a pervasive pattern of not taking responsibility, impulsivity, and a lack of empathy, making them extremely resistant to treatment and change.

Learn the red flags and visit www.wnaad.com to find out how you can join the movement and make a difference.


    • Thank you for sharing the link. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is such a difficult thing to recognise. Especially covert narcissists. I am hoping that the more we spread the word then the less people will suffer narcissistic abuse.


  1. I think the word is getting around and more of them are now getting their narcissistic supply at work. This may be leading to increased workplace bullying. It was interesting to me that within a year of me going no-contact with my ex, he was sacked from work. They definitely seem to need an outlet for their negative impulses. If they are not putting us through Hell they find ways to inflict it onother people.

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    • Yes, there is a lot of narcissistic abuse going round in the workplace too. My ex got sacked from two jobs because he went into narcissistic rage mode. I am not sure what triggered it though. As a personal trainer it was easy for him to get narcissistic supply from clients and co workers but people eventually disappointed him and the devaluation started. He would then ignore them or be rude to them. Keeping a job is hard for them because they always believe that they are undervalued. Let’s hope that people will indeed become more aware.

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