Keeping busy

In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. Lee Lacocca

I have tried to keep myself busy since the beginning of the year in an effort to stop myself from cogitating, ruminating or feeling too lonely. I have just started teaching another new course preparing students for the Certificate of Advanced English and I have also started teaching French two evenings a week. So this is keeping me very busy and I must say that it is indeed working to keep my mind away from negative thoughts.

I also tried to be physically more active and took up membership for the local Dragonboat Club. However, I have currently got a shoulder injury, so I have had to temporarily give up paddling until it gets better. Well, I guess that it leaves me with more time to devote to my work.

As a teacher, I have to be observed every year and the time has come. I have my next OTLA (Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment) taking place on Tuesday, therefore I have been quite busy this weekend catching up with all the paperwork. I am finding it easier to stay focused for longer periods of time, but I am still procrastinating now and again and leaving things to the very last minute.

My last observation took place in June last year, when I was in the worst shape of my life. I had anxiety and insomnia and I was suffering from pneumonia. Preparing for it had been a harrowing experience and I had had to summon all the energy still left in me to manage to write up a lesson plan. Fortunately my manager was aware of the situation at the time and was quite lenient.

This year, I have found it much easier to keep up with my workload. I have very enthusiastic students, who work hard to improve their English. But, just like last year, I am sick! I think I have caught the dreaded Australian Flu and I am feeling very poorly. I managed a short trip to the shop today, but I felt as tired as if I had just finished a 5k run!

I just hope that I will have recovered enough by Tuesday to be able to deliver a good lesson. Now, I am going to curl up in my bed with a cup of Lemsip, a hot water bottle and a good book, trying to gather enough strength and energy for the new week starting.

Until next time…


  1. As a fellow victim of Narcissistic Abuse I have learned a few things. They include: keeping busy if fine, but you must feel the feelings, face them, process and release. I too am sick every Winter, but this year, for a change, I have had to rest-and boy did I learn that lesson. I have anxiety, and my home is not the place for recuperation-I live on a farmette with lots of critters and a golden retriever. Chores have to be done, but I can take breaks in between. I pray you a full recovery and peace during the storm. xo

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  2. Let your body rest. A lot of keeping busy in our culture is just pure avoidance and then the body gets sick as we are not letting the deeper messages come through. Its important to keep active and engaged but I see the consequences of all this busyness in our culture so often leading to injury and illness as we dont really know how just to ‘be’. Love Deborah

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  3. Take care of yourself. I think sometimes our bodies make a point of telling us stuff we don’t want to hear.
    I feel everything is finally catching up with me at the moment. I think it is easy to let ourselves get run down.
    My juicer broke but I am thinking of getting another one. I just watched a really great video by Kim Wilson today which was really good on the subject. I hadn’t heard of Australian flu?
    I really hope you feel better soon and good luck with the observation..

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