Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us. David Richo

I have just added a new page to my website to document my journey towards healing through the notes from my therapist. I started counselling sessions in December 2016 after suffering from insomnia, anxiety and depression. It was the first time in my life that I had needed to reach out for help as I was unaware of what the cause was.

Re-reading the notes has made me feel quite emotional as each week I could see that I was discovering more about myself and my relationship with my ex-partner. At the moment, I am taking a break from the therapy in order to see if I can cope on my own and also because it is very expensive and I cannot afford more sessions.

Healing has had its up and down and many relapses but I think that I am on the right way to recovery. At the end of the summer, I will decide if I need to resume the sessions or if I can fly on my own!

Here is an extract of my last session:

3rd July 2017

You used some of the session to speak about your relationship with your ex-partner. You identified that being in contact and seeing him again had strengthened your conviction to not restart this relationship. We also briefly discussed what you might tell a friend or family member if they were in the same position as you.

We also discussed beginning a problems and goals list to help you to have some focus on yourself – on what you would like to work towards. With this in mind, I’ve attached the list we started in session. Please have look at this and add to it. We can then use this as a guide as to what you would like to work on in future sessions.

During session I also spoke about a book that provides a good introduction to mindfulness practice: ‘Mindfulness for Beginners’ by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Another good mindfulness resource is the ‘Headspace’ app.

Finally we spoke about what can hold one back following a loss (e.g loss of a relationship). We spoke about longing – how longing for what is gone or past (and, in the case of looking back through ‘rose tinted’ spectacles, what never was) can be a block to moving on with life.

If you want to share my journey click on the link below or look at the main menu above.

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