World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day June 1st 2017

World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day (WNAAD) will take place on June 1st 2017. Here is some of the information from their website Please share with as many people as possible. Prevention is always better than cure!

Many of the people who suffer from narcissistic abuse (a form of psychological and emotional abuse) aren’t even aware that what they are experiencing is a legitimate form of abuse, and when they become aware they are being abused, they have a difficult time describing it because it’s so hard to put the finger on.

We came up with the hashtag, #IfMyWoundsWereVisible, because unlike physical abuse where a single strike or blow, often leaves marks or bruises and qualifies as an act of domestic violence, narcissistic abuse is invisible. Narcissistic Abuse is the sum of many unseen injuries. It’s an indiscernible assault on the spirit, identity, and the psyche of the victim. The impact is cumulative, and its full effect isn’t felt until the damage is extensive. Although bruises and broken bones heal much faster than a broken spirit, narcissistic abuse tends to go unnoticed because there aren’t any laws prohibiting mind games, browbeating, or name calling.

The more people who are aware of narcissistic abuse, the more they can spot the warning signs and save themselves or those they love from the serious and debilitating effects of being in a relationship with a pathological individual. The problems for victims are made worse because too little is known and understood about narcissistic abuse at an institutional level. This means legislation, support services, law enforcement and court systems the world over struggle to recognise perpetrators and fall woefully short in their ability to protect the victims.

The ongoing impact of narcissistic abuse on victims is similar to being a prisoner of war (Brown, 2016). It’s simply too big an issue to keep ignoring. We need to act now to stem the tide, to help provide victims with the knowledge to escape their narcissistic abusers, and hopefully prevent more victims falling prey to narcissists.

Let’s all speak out and raise awareness across the globe. If we join together, we can make a big dent in this epidemic. We can speak for those who aren’t able to. We can support those who feel alone. We can save people from having to unnecessarily learn by experience, and hopefully, we can start the conversation in the direction of change in our family courts, legal systems, and public pathology education funding.

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  1. Reblogged this on TheEvolvingRedLotus9377 and commented:
    Always spread awareness. In a world so succumbed by the idea that abuse can only be physical, it is important to shed light on the not so visible abuse that happens.


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